Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm Back !

It has been so so so so long since my last update and when i look back at my blog i was thinking, how did i have the heart to abandon this ? lol i've been sharing a lot in my previous post, even about the thing that i could't even remember anymore myself. It felt overwhelmed to be reminded tho, how was yourself few years back then. 

So. Few years later then until now,

I am currently 20, studying at University Malaya in Ecology and Biodiversity. Majoring in Botany. Since i'm an undergraduate now, i'll be sharing a lot about my study areas, fieldworks, projects and even assignments InsyaAllah. 

I am also are so in love to a great man. 

Few achievements have been unlocked, those that i am proud of. And more to be unlocked InsyaAllah.

Got over the passive me. 

A better daughter and sister. 

A better friend i hope.

A better muslim, God knows.

Became chubbier sobs.  

yolo duck face